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Robby     704-200-8719

With over 40 combined years of experience in the food service industry, Robby and Victoria have gained knowledge and expertise in many areas.  They now strive to exceed guest and client expectations in the following areas:

Private Chef
As private chefs, Robby and Victoria will plan, prepare and execute private parties in your home for up to 50 guests.  They will personalize a menu for your occasion, and will see that your event is exceptional and memorable.

Cooking Lessons
As Chef Instructors, Robby and Victoria are qualified and able to teach private cooking  lessons in your home.  They can teach the basics of cooking, or can work with you to develop lessons designed to suit your needs.

Cooking Equipment Demonstrations
Robby and Victoria have been working with high-end residential appliance companies to demonstrate the ease and use of various ranges and ovens.  They have working relationships established with Electrolux ICON, BOSCH, Viking, and Kitchen Aid.

Restaurant Consulting
Robby and Victoria understand the concepts of developing a business plan for food service, and are able to assist you in the research and planning of your food service establishment.

Two Chefs