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Robby     704-200-8719

Here is what people are saying:

Robby & Victoria are simply the best!  Their attention to detail and professional, warm, friendly approach makes entertaining guests a joy.  They quietly and efficiently attend to our guests, like they are part of our family.  Above all, their food is delicious! 

I have run out of corn tortillas and my son is eating about 5-6 per day!  I just want to be sure so that I can load up :)  Thanks!

I really liked the salsa I bought last weekend on Buckner. We've eaten it all already and wondered if there was any place else to buy it. Otherwise we'll come back out to see you in a couple of weeks.

HI,  Just wanted you to know we enjoyed the corn tortillas in a Mexican chicken lasagna that I made, and today we ate the chips and had some salsa. Your product is great and we will be coming to get more of the same.
Sincerely,  GL

Your chips are sooo delicious; light, crispy, the sea salt and the lime...they are perfect!  I will definitely buy them again at the White Rock Market.  Keep doing what you is worth all the time and effort.  I wish you the very best as you help to make our community a better and a healthier place with the food you provide for us.

Two Chefs