Robby and Victoria were introduced to the farmers markets when they lived in Charlotte, NC.  While teaching at The Art Institute of Charlotte, Robby was responsible for utilizing fresh ingredients collected from local markets as part of  The Artisan class.  The menu for this class was partially determined by the seasonal ingredients from the markets.  The school later planted an edible garden on the school property.  Victoria worked with Down Home Baking Company, a local artisan bakery, in their production and sale of artisan baked goods at various farmers markets in the area.  Through these experiences, Robby and Victoria developed a love for the farmers markets, both the products and the people.

Robby and Victoria are firm advocates of farmers markets as they believe in supporting their local growers and small businesses.  As a result of this, they became vendors in Coppell where they share their home made chips and salsa.

Together with a group of volunteers from the Coppell market, Robby and Victoria helped coordinate and execute the seventh annual "Farm to Table" dinner in June which featured the use of ingredients from many local vendors.

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Farmers Market
Victoria and Robby with their family at the market.
Two Chefs